Bizzy’s Story

summer 083Elizabeth Schumacher is a thriving 14-year old from Walton, Kentucky.  But that was not always the case. On the day after Christmas in 2010, after a painful bone marrow biopsy procedure, “Bizzy” and her family got the confirmation of the diagnosis they feared the most – non-Hodgins lymphoma. Prognosis for recovery was positive – around  85% of patients her age can be fully cured from this type of cancer – but only after a very long and intensive round of chemotherapy treatment. Bizzy spent almost every day of the next eight months at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with progresses and setbacks throughout. Her remission was confirmed before Christmas of 2011 and her progress of gaining good health has been growing ever since. Bizzy is full of life and determination to become a pediatric oncologist to help kids like her.